Reiki Training

Learn Reiki for Self Healing and Spiritual Growth Workshops or One on One Teachings

Level 1: Opening the Reiki Channel

The first step is where you receive information about the history and implementation of this healing modality. A Reiki master/teacher will take you through a variety of attunements, as you go through the different levels of training. At this beginning stage of your development, we also practice healing techniques to use on anything or anyone you wish to help; including yourself, of course.

Level 2: Practitioner Level – Healing Beyond Reiki and Self Healing

This is when you receive another attunement, for focusing the Reiki energy in regards to mental and emotional release, as well as for long distance healing, over time and space. The use of certain symbols will also assist in helping you concentrate properly on these energies, until you can access them automatically and naturally. At this stage, more advanced self healing techniques and Reiki practices are developed further.

Level 3: Master Level – Developing your Spiritual Practice

This is when you are attuned to a higher level of Reiki energy and are given a final and ultimate symbol, which will aid you in making the connection stronger, longer lasting and more effective.

Self-development and self-healing are the main purposes for this level and are greatly expanded upon. As well as tearing down those mental blocks you put into play, that is stopping you from advancing in your spiritual growth, are also minutely explored.

Level 4: Becoming a Teacher

Learn the process and teaching methods, for sharing Reiki with others but not everyone is inspired to become a teacher. No further attunements are required. As the highest attunement is given in Level 3. The purpose of this course is to thoroughly purge yourself and become a clear and unobstructed channel for Reiki energy. The time needed for participating, will depend greatly upon the student and their personal needs.

Chakra and Aura Balancing

Reiki is also a great healing tool, to RESTORE EMOTIONAL BALANCE, to RE-ENERGISE and CLEAR YOUR AURA. California White Sage also has a cleansing effect, while meditation keeps our chakras fully aligned.

Chakras are the major energy centres of our physical self and are responsible for absorbing and distributing the universal life force energy, also known as β€˜prana’, to the entire body. When the energy is able to easily flow through the chakras, the healthier you will become. Well balanced chakras regulate our physical vitality, emotional moods and spiritual abilities.

On the flipside to that, out of balance energy centres will result in anxiety and stress within the emotional, mental or spiritual aspect of an individual.

For example, if you hold on to negative thoughts or situations, for too long a period of time, the chakras can slow down and become sluggish. This disharmony, if not addressed, can eventually cause dis-ease to be created.

Any disruption to the natural flow of this life force energy surrounding the aura and the chakras, may result in you feeling tired, constantly worried and negative self-talk.

What can you expect during a healing session?

When a person receives Reiki, they tend to feel very relaxed and at peace. Because I work with my Angels and guides during a healing session, I am able to clear all blockages and stagnant pools of energy. That could be causing you pain, a feeling of heaviness and even anti-social behaviours.

Many have commented that the touch of my hands feel light and hot, like little heaters. Reiki can continue to be felt long after the session is over.

Reiki is continuing to be known as a great healing tool. After your session, I discuss any messages I may have picked up for you. As well as listening to you, expressing your thoughts and feelings you may have felt, while going through the process.

I also use the crystal bed, combined with Reiki. This can be used for meditation, stress reduction and to amplify the Reiki energy. The crystal bed has forty-six crystals around the grid of the bed. This is proving to be quite beneficial and becoming well known in Reiki and meditation circles.

Face to face Psychic Readings & Reiki Teachings are available in Eagleby Tweed areas Early April – to mid May 2021. I am taking bookings for Psychic readings coaching Reiki training & Healing sessions starting April 2021 in Eagleby before we head off to Psychic Expo. Between expos I will be offering my services in a town near you.