Reiki Trainings

Services Duration Price Book Now
Reiki Level 1 Attunement One on one 3 Hours $550
Reiki Level 2 Practitioners 4 Hours $720
Reiki Level 3 Masters 5 Hours $900
Reiki Level 3  Masters & Teachers 6 Hours $1,555

* Certificate of completion & Lineage at the end of course

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Psychic Medium Readings/ Ph or Facetime

Services and Specials Duration Price Book Now
Psychic Reading – ph or face to face 30 Mins $98
Psychic Reading – Ph or face to face 60 Mins $200
Intuitive Coaching Session and Healing Package 150 Mins $377
Reiki Distant Healing Session ( Video phone or facetime) 30 Min $88
Reiki Healing session (In person) 60 Min $200

Healing Sessions

Services Duration Price Book Now
Norma Tec Pulse Lymphatic Drainage 30 Mins $35
Norma Tec Pulse Lymphatic  60 min $70

Distant Coaching Sessions

Services Duration Price Book Now
Compatible Hair Test  Analysis – Find foods that are compatible for your body no more guessing. If you suffer from IBS bloating constipation brain fog or headaches then this test is for you. The Compatibility Program is a unique test for each person, baby or even animals. This test can unlock the secrets to your current health issues. Bring back the Happier healthier you. 30 $297

Coaching Sessions

Services specials Duration Price Book Now
Normatec Therapy session 10 Mins $10

Ear Candling

Services Duration Price Book Now
Ear Candling & Reiki session    45 Min $65