Transition to Online Psychic Readings

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Hasn’t 2020 taken a turn in a different direction? The world is changing! Now technology has become our main connection to the outside world and to each other. On the positive side, there is less pollution and noise: the world is healing. Phone psychic from remote WA When we came to the West Australian desert in Jan 2019 we pretty much went off the grid. It was like stepping back in time: we only get mail once a week. It was then that I started making changes to my website to make it more of an on online psychic business so that there was a balance. Face time or phone psychic readings are the same as face-to-face psychic readings because you’re still tapping in and allowing the messages to come through. How have I coped with not doing any face-to-face psychic readings? After having done expos and workshops for around 11 years prior to coming to the desert, it was a little crazy to suddenly stop doing face-to-face psychic readings….

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Once making the decision to swear off all processed and animal foods, I began trying Kefir with near instant and positive results. Soon after beginning, I began sneezing like you wouldn’t believe, which is all part of the releasing of toxins from the body. While taking note of the effects from the Candida dying off, I suddenly realised I stopped grinding my teeth. This was a bad habit I picked up from childhood. I would wake up most mornings with sore teeth and could not understand why. Quite disastrously and after one fateful night, I awoke the next day with a broken tooth. Later, I also became aware that after eating certain foods the night before, my throat and tongue would be covered in unwanted mucus. Today, I love trying new things and experimenting with organic vegetables and fruits. Let me assist in helping you on your Kefir journey to wellness.

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My Story

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Here is just one of my many psychic experiences that I would like to share with you, when I was a young child. My friends and I would often play in old, abandoned houses. For me, there is a particular and unusual beauty that exists within them, that I love so much. The painted cupboards, the wide open spaces and large attics, provided us with some wickedly unreal places, in which to hide. Many hours of fun childhood memories were created there. Until one day, everything changed for me, whilst in this particular empty house in New Zealand. It is a memory that I can never forget. I suddenly noticed that while my friends were speaking out loud, I could also hear muffled sounds that I could not quite capture and process. It was like as if I was listening to other spirit voices, which were speaking through them at the same time, they were talking. None of my little playmates were aware of this fact but I was. Because…

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