Psychic readings by phoneHi, my name is Suizy. In 2010, after years of being unwell, it was suggested I have a 3D body scan and numerous blood tests.

Mercury was present in the right lobe of my brain, which was spreading rapidly throughout the entire lymphatic system. I also had a predominance of oestrogen. As well as a goitre the size of a golf ball in my throat; this marked the beginning of Hashimoto’s disease, an underactive thyroid and parasites. Not to mention that AT BIRTH, I HAD TWENTY ONE HEART ATTACKS!!! I also had the added risk of going blind at thirteen and later possibly suffering cataracts at the age of thirty-three.

So the first thing I did was to have all my tooth amalgams removed. And from there, I went on a homeopathic tonic, to rid myself of the mercury. In my family, there is a long history of cancer, including hormonal receptive cancers. I needed something especially for the detoxing of the mercury, as it passed through my body. At that point, I was told I was at high risk of having a stroke and had to lie with my legs up the wall for fifteen minutes a day, to help get the oxygen to the brain. The headaches I used to get were so unbearable, that it would sometimes cause me to vomit.

As I continued to take this magical potion, the excruciating pain in my head, became less frequent and I began to feel more in balance. Although, I knew I still had parasites and other blockages to clear from the bowel. Diet was very important. I had already cut out processed foods, dairy and wheat. One day, I was given some Herbal Fiberblend to try. Three days later, I was convinced that I had found a wonderful new product. Very soon after, I ordered this same merchandise, as well as some Barley Life. As the blockages started to clear, I was also learning more about all the different parasites that existed within the body. On about five or six different occasions, I passed numerous ones.

Because of the Herbal Fiberblend homeopathic product and changing my diet, today I am very happy to announce that I have reversed my symptoms of hormonal receptive cancer and other serious diseases. My grey hair is even starting to grow darker. Every day, I consider myself to be blessed, that I am able to continue with my quest, to assist others in their health journey back to wellness.

In my spare time, I also make my own range of potions and lotions. Please see a brief overview of products I can help you with, to make you feel better.

We have recently left the Outback in W.A, where I was the schools cook for the indigenous kids, and hubbie managed the general store there. I felt we were in the perfect place to continue my quest to learn about the Ancient Herbs. We are currently heading on another adventure where I am currently working on other Healing Modalities in South East QLD. 2021 is a pretty exciting year as from mid May I will be back offering face to face sessions traveling with Australia Psychic Expo after a 2 year absence, then we will be based in the Gold Coast Hinterland.

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