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By April 6, 2020Psychic Readings

Psychic readings by phoneHasn’t 2020 taken a turn in a different direction? The world is changing! Now technology has become our main connection to the outside world and to each other. On the positive side, there is less pollution and noise: the world is healing.

Phone psychic from remote WA

When we came to the West Australian desert in Jan 2019 we pretty much went off the grid. It was like stepping back in time: we only get mail once a week. It was then that I started making changes to my website to make it more of an on online psychic business so that there was a balance. Face time or phone psychic readings are the same as face-to-face psychic readings because you’re still tapping in and allowing the messages to come through.

How have I coped with not doing any face-to-face psychic readings?

After having done expos and workshops for around 11 years prior to coming to the desert, it was a little crazy to suddenly stop doing face-to-face psychic readings. Although I was job sharing at the shop with my husband for a few months, I actually enjoyed the freedom of only offering limited psychic readings. It actually allowed me to tap into the changes I needed to make while we’re here, off the grid. I had previously worked for a Psychic phone line company in the UK, so I was still doing a few psychic readings phone or Skype sessions.

My most recent premonition

Five weeks before the Australia went into lockdown I emailed the Principal at the school where I work, to say I needed to go home from the desert for a couple of weeks, for my own mental health. Within 2 weeks, I flew on 3 different planes to get back to Queensland and Tweed Heads.

Intuitively I knew that this was the time to make the trip. I got pampered and thoroughly enjoyed seeing our beautiful little family. I left half my clothes there and stocked up on potions. When I returned 3 different planes later, it was crazy.

Although before the final plane trip I managed to actually spend the day at the beach in Perth with a one of my gorgeous friends who I met in the desert. We did some Reiki training level 1 for most of the afternoon. It was a perfect end to my holiday. Upon returning, not even a week on, there was talk of lockdown here in the desert.

I had felt that our April-May overseas holiday was going to be cancelled. Plus, we couldn’t even go interstate either, as the risk was too great to be separated from the cat for months. We knew the risk of not being able to return to W.A either, & knew we couldn’t go out to the chaos.

Suddenly, here I am at home amongst all the chaos, feeling very guided and calm

It’s important to work on ourselves so we are able to maintain a good head space to cope with the obstacles that come our way.

When you’re psychic you just know things but you can’t explain it. You know that when you are born you choose your family. It’s really then when you understand your purpose here on earth. Just like the earth is healing and finding peace. We need to find peace and/or your purpose, if you haven’t done so.

Since my return to WA this week, I have been preparing my website to focus on online psychic readings and healings rather than in-person psychic work, as I have been guided to go with the flow. Plus I have also been working on my range of potions and soaps, including learning the Bush medicines out here. Have you heard the word Alchemist Psychic intuitive or Shaman?

We’re all here for a purpose so use this time to create and see what happens.
You may actually surprise yourself.
Blessings Suizy

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