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October 2018


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Once making the decision to swear off all processed and animal foods, I began trying Kefir with near instant and positive results. Soon after beginning, I began sneezing like you wouldn’t believe, which is all part of the releasing of toxins from the body. While taking note of the effects from the Candida dying off, I suddenly realised I stopped grinding my teeth. This was a bad habit I picked up from childhood. I would wake up most mornings with sore teeth and could not understand why. Quite disastrously and after one fateful night, I awoke the next day with a broken tooth. Later, I also became aware that after eating certain foods the night before, my throat and tongue would be covered in unwanted mucus. Today, I love trying new things and experimenting with organic vegetables and fruits. Let me assist in helping you on your Kefir journey to wellness.

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