psychic readings phoneHere is just one of my many psychic experiences that I would like to share with you, when I was a young child.

My friends and I would often play in old, abandoned houses. For me, there is a particular and unusual beauty that exists within them, that I love so much. The painted cupboards, the wide open spaces and large attics, provided us with some wickedly unreal places, in which to hide. Many hours of fun childhood memories were created there.

Until one day, everything changed for me, whilst in this particular empty house in New Zealand. It is a memory that I can never forget. I suddenly noticed that while my friends were speaking out loud, I could also hear muffled sounds that I could not quite capture and process. It was like as if I was listening to other spirit voices, which were speaking through them at the same time, they were talking. None of my little playmates were aware of this fact but I was. Because of their non-awareness, this made me feel very confused. For them though, they just giggled and merrily went their own way, where everything was just a simple game of hide and seek or should I say, hide and scare. Well, I didn’t need them to scare me, as the spirits were doing a good enough job of that and probably laughing their guts out, as they witnessed my fear from another dimension, which was way too close for my liking.

It was at this stage that the room I was standing in came fully alive and was crammed packed with spirit people I did not know and which I could not see but I certainly felt their presence. The energy force in that house made the hair on the back of my neck, stand to attention, while the rest of my body was covered in goose bumps or chills. Being only very young, you can imagine I was out of there like a shot, as if my ass was on fire. I think I broke the world record for the fastest run home. Luckily for me, my safe haven was only a few minutes away.

So, I chose never to speak about this event but also felt sad that I could not talk to anyone, who could possibly help me to understand better, what I had just been through. And there was especially no way that I could tell my parents and other family members. They would have thought I was a bit crazy.

These voices continued to follow me into adulthood. Of course, I now understand not to fear this phenomenon. Everything that exists is a form of energy. Quite often, we will feel it but may not see it. I am sure that many of you would have walked into a room where two people have been fighting and shut up immediately upon your arrival. It is at these times, you will feel that you could cut the air with a knife. It was so tense and dense. This is real. This is not your imagination. It was the energy imprint you were picking up on, as you entered this space.

I have also since learnt that using tools such as salt and sage is effective to keep our aura clear. This has now become a daily ritual for me. Although I do know there are many other methods which can also be used to clear this same energy.

The first spiritual teacher I had, who was helping me to develop my psychic abilities, told me I had a very strong connection with spirit. This was a light bulb moment for me and has helped me greatly in accepting the type of work I do with others and for myself, today.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about this little snippet from my story and that you can relate to it as also being a part of your own story.

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