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Learn Reiki for self healing & spiritual growth

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2018 Workshops  & or One on One Teachings


Reiki Levels 1 & 2 Cost $299.00 1 1/2 days

Intimate Group Max 4 Peaple

Levels 1 and 2 one on one $399.00

Full payment required to secure your space.

Includes 35 % Discount (Gift Vouchers available)


 Reiki Attunement Special

Reiki Attunement Level 1 $160  Self Healing

 Bring a friend

Includes 25%Discount


Reiki Attunement (Level 2) $250 Practitioners Level

Includes 25 % Discount


Special - Reiki Energy Healing Sessions x3

Includes Chakra Balance



Reiki Attunement (Level 3 & 4  $555) Masters/Teachers

Includes 50% Discount


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Final Attunement

Teach others the beauty of Reiki
Book online Teachers Level 4 $555  

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 Masters Level/Teachers Level

Certificate of completion & lineage at end of course

Level 1 – Opening
the Reiki channel

The first step in Reiki which you receive information about the history and practice of Reiki. A Reiki master/Teacher will take you through attunements. We also practice self-healing techniques to use on anything or anyone you want to help.
Reiki Level 1 – Self Healing

Level 2 – Healing Beyond

Practitioner Level

This is when you receive another atunement – for focusing the Reiki energy, for mental & emotional healing & for distant healing over time and space. The use of symbols will help you focus on these energies until you can access them automatically. Self-healing techniques and Reiki practices are developed further

Level 3 – Developing your Spiritual practice Reiki
Master Level

This is when you are attuned to a higher level of Reiki energy and are given a final symbol to aid your connection to this energy.
Self-development and self-healing are the main focus for this level. Self practice techniques are developed further, and blocks to growth are explored.

Level 4 – Becoming a Teacher

Learn the attunement process & teaching methods for sharing Reiki with others.
Not everyone is called to teacher level. No further attunements are required for this level as the highest attunement is given in level 3. The focus is clearing yourself so that you can hold the Reiki energy and transmit a clear and pure Reiki energy to others.
The attunement process for Reiki is taught, and help is provided for use when teaching others. The timespan for teaching this level will depend on the student and their needs.


I use Reiki to RESTORE EMOTIONAL BALANCE, RE- ENERGIZE AND CLEAR YOUR AURA. ( California White Sage also has a cleansing effect. Meditation also keeps our chakra’s aligned.
Chakras are the major energy centers of your body and are responsible for absorbing and distributing ‘ Prana ‘ Universal Life Force Energy to the whole physical body. The more energy able to flow through the chakras the more healthy you are.
Chakras regulate physical vitality, emotional moods and spiritual abilities.
The energy flow of the chakra can become out of balance as a result of imbalance or stress in the emotional, mental or spiritual aspect of an individual.

Eg: If you hold onto negative thoughts or situations the chakras can slow down and this disharmony if not addressed can eventually cause dis- ease in the body.
Any disruption to the natural flow of life force energy surrounding the aura and the chakras may result in you feeling tired, sluggish and out of balance.

My vision for my practice of Reiki:To continue to help
Heal and Teach everyone who would receive blessings
by being with me, be guided to come to my practice.
Blessings Suizy


When I met Sue I had been suffering with a chronic health issue that had been affecting my work and personal life for three years. Sue recommended Natural Progesterone cream 4% as her assessment identified a possible hormonal imbalance, that my gynecologist had not discussed with me, although they had implemented other medical interventions that were not improving my health.


Within one week I had a significant change in my health. Since then, I have spoken with a number of people who have also been assisted greatly by use of this product; Sue has really broadened the field of natural therapy to me. This has not only helped me on a personal level, but my current holistic work with my own clients. I am now undergoing a bowel cleansing programme recommended by Sue, another long-term health issue that was also causing health problems that I had neglected until now. I have found Sue to be very knowledgeable but also very approachable; she is always available to me in a timely way.


Sacha Boyce, Holistic Counsellor, professional Social Worker.