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 Hi there, I'm Suizy and I'm a naturally gifted psychic and have been providing my services professionally for over 10 years. I am a compassionate and sympathetic reader,as well as a spiritual healer.I knew from the age of 7 that I was psychic, how ever I did not know how I could use my gift. It took a series of events in my late 30's to act on my gift, and through guidance from my spirit guides decided to pursue it further. During that period of my life I was able to fine tune my natural abilities with other modalities and healing abilities and studied and acquired healing of natural herbs and tonics to be able to cater for those with physical ailments.

I'm able to look into various aspects of your life or queries you have, be it work, relationships, health, or anything of importance to you. When you have your reading with me I will mainly use my natural psychic abilities in conjunction with my guides, I also use a variety of crystals.I find the crystals particularly useful, as they allow me to channel the messages from my guides as well send spiritual healing to you. It is very important that you feel comfortable when having a reading or healing session with me.

In my spare time I also enjoy making organic soaps and products, made from ingredients grown on our property. A quote that particularly inspires me is work to live not live to work. So for a down to earth, and enlightening reading, give me a call today. 

I also offer Phone readings & distant Healing to anywhere in Australia & overseas.

Blessings Suizy           




Psychic Readings Face to Face


Coaching - Skype & Zoom sessions

 Psychic Readings  30 min $80.00

                               1 hour $140.00

Skype/Coaching Sessions $140 an hour


Psychic Development/Coaching Sessions - Face to Face

Learn how to tap into your gifts (Includes a free crystal wand

    3 hours approx     $300



Californian White Sage 1 x pound 454 grams

$59.95 + $15 postage or pickup

Sage LOOSE 1 pound 454 grams






























When I met Sue I had been suffering with a chronic health issue that had been affecting my work and personal life for three years. Sue recommended Natural Progesterone cream 4% as her assessment identified a possible hormonal imbalance, that my gynecologist had not discussed with me, although they had implemented other medical interventions that were not improving my health.


Within one week I had a significant change in my health. Since then, I have spoken with a number of people who have also been assisted greatly by use of this product; Sue has really broadened the field of natural therapy to me. This has not only helped me on a personal level, but my current holistic work with my own clients. I am now undergoing a bowel cleansing programme recommended by Sue, another long-term health issue that was also causing health problems that I had neglected until now. I have found Sue to be very knowledgeable but also very approachable; she is always available to me in a timely way.


Sacha Boyce, Holistic Counsellor, professional Social Worker.